The Great Football Pool
Rules Page - The Basic rules of the great football pool.


Hopefully this should be fairly obvious. The objective is to finish the season with more Total Points than any other person participating in the pool.

Each week (around Friday) I will publish the new picks page. Simply choose who you think will be the winner straight up. The point spread is there to assist you, and to allow you to pick an upset. But if you pick an underdog you do not get the vegas points.


Total Points are the points scored when you add your wins, and your bonus points.

Bonus Points are calculated as follows:

You pick ONE upset (optional) - if it hits, you get one bonus point. If the upset does not happen, you don't lose a bonus point, but you do lose the game.

You pick ONE lock (not optional) - if it hits, you get a bonus pt, but, if you lock loses, then you LOSE a bonus pt.

For example, let's say you pick:
Lock: Ravens
Upset: Falcons

Ravens Win (+1) Win (+1) Lose (-1) Lose (-1)
Falcons Win (+1) Lose (0) Win (+1) Lose (0)
Totals +2 +1 0 -1

Additional Notes

You must pick a lock every week.
You don't have to pick an upset.

At the end of the season, bonus pts will be added to the Wins to determine who wins the league.